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Who Should Attend?

Our event is designed for members of the academia and non-profit, public, and private sector members who are interested in the latest research and academic developments in the field of Social Sciences.

The event is a must-attend for:

● University faculty and staff
● Faculty members and lecturers
● Master’s students and Ph.D. candidates
● Advisors and counselors
● Career officers
● Teaching and research assistants
● Researchers
● Scientists
● Sociologists, anthropologists, linguists, and political scientists
● International affairs specialists
● Public administrators
● Urban and regional development specialists
● Members of local and international non-profit organizations in the field of  Social Sciences
● Social studies educators and trainers
● Local, national, state, regional and international policymakers, and government contractors
● Private sector specialists in the fields of social studies and social sciences

If you don’t fall in any of these categories but are interested in learning from top academics in the field in an interactive, content-packed environment, we invite you to register!

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